Dentures Patterson Lakes

Dentures Patterson Lakes
At Lakeview Dental Clinic, we also specialise in dentures. Our experienced and qualified dentists can examine your oral health and determine whether or not you’re suitable for dentures. Schedule a consultation with our dentist today to discuss your options to replace lost teeth.

Dentures - What Are They?

Dentures can be best described as false teeth and gums that replace lost teeth and tissues surrounding them. They are made of different materials like nylon, metal, and acrylic. You can select the material of your choice and get them customised for a snug fit and to match your existing teeth.

Advantages of Dentures

You may lose your teeth with age or due to other dental problems like tooth decay. Multiple missing teeth can create gaps and make you conscious when you smile. Likewise, it can also cause difficulty in chewing. When faced with such issues, dentures make for a good option.

They improve the appearance of your face and smile. Dentures support the structure around your lips and cheeks, so you don’t experience problems with speech. Similarly, with dentures, you can eat and chew your food properly. Hence, it is easier to maintain your diet and stay well-nourished.

Dentures also provide a viable replacement option for teeth that cause pain and may lead to oral health concerns.

Types of Dentures

There are two types of dentures- partial and complete. Partial dentures are used when the natural teeth in the surrounding aren’t strong and can’t support structures like dental bridges or when you have more than two teeth missing. They can be removed when sleeping or for cleaning.

On the other hand, full dentures are complete dentures. They are designed to replace all-natural teeth. They can be fitted with the help of oral adhesive and removed quickly too. Complete dentures are further divided into two types- conventional or immediate.

Conventional dentures are made after teeth removal and once the gum tissue begins to heal. These dentures are placed after 8 to 12 weeks of the teeth removal. Immediate dentures, as the name suggests, are positioned right after teeth removal. These dentures are made beforehand. It further means that the patient doesn’t have to wait for the healing period before the teeth can be replaced. However, immediate dentures require more expertise to ensure better adjustment for a perfect fit.

What Is the Process?

As dentures are custom-made, it involves a lengthy process that can take a few weeks and several dental appointments. The steps include:
  • Taking measurements and impressions of the jaws
  • Creating wax models and plastic patterns in the shape and position of the patient’s jaw. The patient will repeatedly try this model to assess its fitting, shape, color, and comfort.
  • Next, the final denture is created.
  • Adjustments are made as needed.


Schedule a consultation with our dentist today. Let us help you get the perfect smile and ensure oral health by determining the best dental procedure for your situation.

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