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Crowns and Bridges, Dental Crown, Dental Bridge
Dental crowns and bridges are alternatives to dentures. Unlike removable dentures, dental crowns are affixed, and bridges function similarly to natural teeth. However, the best choice to replace missing teeth depends on your oral health, condition, and goals. At Lakeview Dental Clinic, we offer both options dental crowns and bridges. Schedule a consultation with our dentist today. We will examine your mouth and determine which option is best suited to you.

Dental Crown - What Is It?

A crown is a tooth-like cap that is firmly placed on the tooth. It restores the size, appearance, and shape of the tooth. It is an excellent choice when you want to:
  • Restore a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth
  • Improve the strength of your weak tooth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Hold a bridge in its place
  • Protect your weak tooth
  • Cover a root canal-treated tooth
Among the many types of dental crowns are:
  • A ceramic crown is made from a porcelain-based filling. It is ideal for restoring front teeth as it blends with natural teeth smoothly.
  • A gold alloy crown is resistant to fracturing and wear, and tears. It is bio-compatible and durable. Unlike a ceramic crown, it doesn’t become brittle quickly from chewing or biting.
  • Base-metal alloy crown is made of metals like zinc, copper, or titanium. Metals provide strength and corrosion resistance.

Dental Bridge - What Is It?

As the name suggests, a bridge features two or more crowns on the side of a gap left by your missing tooth. A false or artificial tooth is placed in the middle, called a pontic. A pontic can be made from different materials like gold, porcelain, or alloy. A dental bridge helps fill the gap created by a lost tooth (teeth). It is further supported by implants or your natural teeth. This treatment is a suitable choice for decayed teeth or teeth that are physically damaged. Moreover, an abscess is also treated with dental bridges.

Some of the popular types of dental bridges include:
  • Cantilever dental bridge features an abutment on one of the sides of your pontic. This bridge is used when one side of your dental gap has a natural tooth.
  • Maryland bridge is characterized by a porcelain and metal framework holding the pontic firmly in its place. The two teeth close to the gap are boned from the back to the framework.


The first visit for dental crowns is for examination and preparation. The dentist will take an X-ray of your mouth and an impression. Next, they will place the crown during your second visit.

The procedure for dental bridges is similar to dental crowns. However, follow-up visits to the dentist after getting a bridge are more. These are needed to ensure everything functions properly.

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