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At Lakeview Dental Clinic, we are one of the most preferred dental care providers in Chelsea. Our success lies in how we serve and help residents of Chelsea achieve their oral health targets without putting a big dent in their pockets.

Regarding dental care in Chelsea, the biggest challenge is finding an experienced local dentist near you that offers affordable and comprehensive dental services. But don’t worry; we have you covered! At Lakeview Dental Clinic, we follow a patient-centric approach.

We provide the best and most extensive array of dental services under one roof at the most competitive prices. Rest assured, with us, you and your entire family get affordable dental care from the best dentists in Chelsea.

Our Areas of Specialisation

At Lakeview Dental Clinic, we specialise in the following areas of dentistry:

General Dentistry

A beautiful smile and healthy gums can skyrocket your confidence and ensure good oral health. Hence, visit the dentist for routine check-ups that fall under our general dentistry services.

At Lakeview Dental Clinic, our general dentistry services are designed to initially prevent and detect oral health problems before they aggravate painful issues. We provide an extensive range of general dentistry services for the entire family. Our dentists are equipped and experienced in dental treatments for children, adults and the elderly.

Indeed, at our dental clinic, you get the best general dentistry service that restores your smile and confidence. We provide a welcoming and warm environment to all patients so that they feel comfortable throughout their dental treatment at our clinic. We help patients let go of their fear, nervousness and anxiety, among the common feelings that individuals experience at the dentist.

Moreover, under our general dentistry service, we offer free dental check-ups to new patients in Chelsea. So, schedule a dental appointment with us today. Benefit from our general dentistry services to prevent gum diseases and costly dental care expenses.

Children’s Dentistry

Specialising in children’s dentistry, we provide the most comfortable and positive dental care experiences. Plus, we have dental schemes in Chelsea, making children’s dentistry incredibly affordable. So, bring your children to our clinic for routine check-ups to develop good oral health habits. 

If your child or children are between two and seventeen, they will likely be eligible for a $1000 benefit cap over two calendar years. This benefit can be used for a range of services at our dental clinic, such as:

  • Examinations

  • Teeth cleaning

  • Fissure sealing

  • Extractions

  • Root canals

  • X-rays

Preventive Dentistry

Gum diseases are progressive. Therefore, if left untreated, they can cause severe damage to your teeth, soft tissue, gums and the bone that supports and surround your teeth. The early stage of gum disease is gingivitis which causes the gums to swell and bleed. Over the years, it progresses into periodontitis resulting in bone loss and loosened teeth. Preventive dentistry can help here. 

Schedule an appointment with us for preventive dentistry. We have the best dentists in Chelsea. We can examine your oral health and determine the most suitable dental treatment. Our preventive dentistry services include but are not limited to teeth cleaning, gum disease treatment and custom-fitted night and mouth guards. Preventive dentistry helps:

  • Lower the risk of dental issues, gum disease and tooth decay 

  • Promote oral hygiene 

  • Early dental problem identification 

  • Reduce the risk of dental problems related to chronic conditions like diabetes, eating disorders and osteoporosis. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Lakeview Dental Clinic, we also specialise in cosmetic dentistry. Whether you have damaged or cracked teeth, or an imperfect smile, we can help you overcome all imperfections through our cosmetic dental procedures. We are experts in all treatments, such as veneers, implants, bridges, and crowns. 

Give us a call today at 03 8904 2733 to book an appointment. You can also email us at info@lakeviewdentalclinic.com.au or fill out a simple contact form, and our representative will get back to you quickly.  

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